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The Fenglin Canyon Scenic Area
Name:The Fenglin Canyon Scenic Area
Tel:20km from north Jiaozuo Tel:0086-400-666-0166 Skype:karenzheng2004

Situated in the
20km to the north of the downtown area of

City, the Scenic Area occupies 50 square kilometers. It is the central tourist sight of the

Park as well as the central zone of the National Southern Taihang Mountain Park of Jiaozuo, which is being designed for future construction. Bordering the
Mountain and Qinglong Canyon Scenic Area to the east, with the
River and

Mountain resort to its west, it is easily accessible by the Jiaojin Expressway.

Being a combination of natural views of both South and North Chinese styles, the place is a mountainous area for natural sightseeing. Numerous splendid mountains, grand waterfalls, ever-flowing springs, rivers, high cliffs, deep valleys, fancy rocks and peaks are distributed here. Looking down at the lakes from the top of the

Mountain, you feel that the water looks as pure and clean as a big piece of jade. Walking near the lake, you can fully enjoy the beauty of the lakes and mountains on both sides. The water is so pure that you can drink it directly. Taking a boat on the river will bring you much more pleasure, when you seem to be in a picturesque world surrounded by green hills and lakes. It is so thrilling and wonderful to appreciate such beautiful views of the marvelous mountains and the fancy rocky hills on both sides of the riverbank. The lake winds as far as more than five kilometers like a dragon. Sometimes, you suddenly seem to be trapped in a place where there is no way out, but after a while there appears another open space ahead, where lines of mountains mirror beautifully into the lake with several clouds floating in the sky---- another beautiful picture before you, refreshing you all at once and making you totally immersed.

The Fenglin Canyon Scenic Area is most famous for its peculiar and grand mountains, which stretch in chains rising up to the sky. In addition, it is also unique for one of the wonders of

China--- a stone statue of Chairman Mao Zedong, which was discovered in 1993, when it was the 100th Anniversary of Chairman Mao’s birth. It is more than 10 meters in height and looks very clear and lifelike.

The Big Dam Sight

The Big Dam over the

Lake is narrowly set in the canyon. It divides the

River into two parts, with one of them forming a man-made lake. The dam is 100.5 meters high and 130 wide; the bottom is 52 meters wide while the top is 4.5 meters in width. It is considered as “No. 1 Dam in the world” because it is the highest arch dam made of stones. The arch shape design is not only pleasing to the eyes but also enhances its stability. Resting across the lake like a huge dragon, it ranks among the top few dams in the world. With an area of 165 square kilometers in total and reservoir volume of 20 million cubic meters, it is not only an unusual great construction in Chinese architecture but also a significant achievement made by

Jiaozuo people.

In the middle of its top, there are seven curvy weirs, each being eight meters wide. Over the weirs, there is an arch truss bridge, the lower reaches of which lie eight huge Chinese characters, meaning to describe the magnificence of the great dam as well as the beauty of the surrounding mountains and rivers. Each of them is three cubic meters in size, conspicuous and dazzling. Moreover, there is also the spectacular waterfall sight, formed by the overflowing flood during the rainy reasons. The waterfall dashes to the 100-meter-deep canyon like a silver flash of light, hitting the rocks violently and stirring thousands of water drops which shine brilliantly in the sun. The scenery looks like a colorful rainbow, marvelous and splendid.

The Sight of Rhesus Monkeys

The temperate climate and dense forests of the

Canyon provide a good natural site for rhesus monkeys, who mainly feed on yangtao, lily and other wild plants on the mountain. They often live on high and steep cliffs and mountains on both sides of the

Lake. Energetic and playful, they like to jump and climb up the trees. It is estimated that there are six large monkey groups here, amounting to over
800 in number altogether. They make up a large rhesus monkey tribe in northern

China, forming an indispensable part of the Taihang Rhesus Monkey Natural Protection Zone. Taking a boat on the lake, if lucky enough, you may see them among the thick forests, sometimes climbing up the high cliffs, and sometimes getting down to drink water in the lake or even playing with each other; also, the sounds of their calls may bring you into some visionary, mysterious, remote, primitive and natural world.



Two kilometers from the upper reaches of the big dam, there is an open wide space surrounded by mountains. On its west, there is a small piece of land called “

Island”, where “Li Laojun (also Laozi) was said to have practiced Taoism. Over one of the hills on the island stands the old site of “

Temple”. On the northwest of the island just opposite to the temple, there is another small hill-shaped island called the Immortal’s
Island, on which dense shrubs and green cypresses flourish. On the east river bank near the small island, there is a narrow canyon called

Canyon. In the middle of a cliff on the south of the canyon, there is a big cave just opposite to the Immortal's
Island. It measures 7 meters in height and called the

Cave. The sceneries here are especially attractive. The lake here winds like a curvy line surrounded by shades. Boating on the water, you can appreciate the beautiful mountain images mirroring in the lake, feeling mysterious and quiet; especially in spring when the flowers blossom, you feel like being in the

Land of
Peach Blossoms, so peaceful, quiet and relaxing.



The mountain gets its name for its shape, which looks like a hump of a sitting camel. Its peak is 300 meters higher than the

Peak, which is located only 750 meters away to its west. To the southwest of the

Peak it is spacious with small paths shaded by dense forests and cypresses; moreover, there are a few plots of farmland and grassland, making it a good place for entertainment. One can either overlook the whole
Lake, as pure as a jade necklace set among the mountains, or look far into the distance, marveling at the grand

Mountain. At dusk, one can also enjoy the gorgeous sunset view on the


Moonlight Scenery of the Three Pools

Located at different levels with a height difference of eight meters between each, the Three Pools are ladder-shaped like the number “
7”. The pools are especially celebrated for its charming moonlight scenery, which is formed by the graceful images of the pools mirrored by the moonlight at night. Between each of the two pools, there are many waterfalls which flow into together and look like long curtains or lines of thread. The water in the pools flows quietly throughout the year. In the surroundings, there are mountains, grasslands and dense forests, which make the place cool and quiet. It is also regarded as one of the special wonders in the area of


20km from north


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