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Ganshan Mountain National Forest Park
Name:Ganshan Mountain National Forest Park
Tel:South of Shanxian, Sanmenxia Tel:0086-400-666-0166 Skype:karenzheng2004

Situated to the south of Shanxian in Sanmenxia, it is only
30km away from the city, a drive of 40 minutes. With a total area of 3,800 hectares and an elevation of
1,884m, the attraction boasts its seasonal views and abundant natural resources. The irresistible temptations of vacation and recreation, above all, an experience of nature has made the place a certain option.

The long history has left here many places of cultural interests and beautiful legends. The major sights include Wangxiang Terrace,
Temple, Sheshen Cliff, Lazhong Ditch,

Valley, Jinji Ridge.

There are abundant vegetation resources in the park. Among 1,500 species of plants, a 1,000-year-old live oak, the oldest one, is still flourishing; a giant poplar aged 500 years, has won the title of No.1 Poplar in

Henan. Interestingly, a hole in the tree can hold four people for a card game. Over 110 species of wild animals in the park have maintained the ecological balance and added life to the beautiful mountain such as leopards, antelopes and spotted deer.

Thanks to its high forest coverage of over 95%,

Mountain has earned a good reputation as a natural oxygen bar. In the seasons of spring and summer, it is vernal green all over the mountain. In summers, with a temperature 7ºC lower than the urban area, it is absolutely worth a trip for urban people. A 40 minutes bus ride will keep you away from the summer heat. Among its 84 peaks,

Peak, the highest, has a height of
1884.8m above sea level. Other famous peaks include
Peak, and

Peak. Standing on Ganlu peak, one can have a bird’s eye view of all the beautiful scenery in the area. Far into the distance, one can see the vague shapes of
City and the
Yellow River.

In 2004, an ethnic village was built in the park. Every day the folk dance & song performances, like the Peacock dance and the Biaoniu dance are performed by ethnical minorities such as the Dai, Aini,

Wa, Kayan of Myanmar peoples. Besides, there are national costumes and handicraft products displayed.

The golden autumn is the best season of the place. During late September and October, the Mountain is fiery red with maple leaves. When winter comes, it is shrouded in white snow.



, a paradise where 156 kinds of butterflies live, is no doubt the most famous sight of the Ganshan tour. From June to August every year, you will see the wonderful scene of a colorful array of butterflies dancing around in the valley.

The vernal green, vast woods, clear water, red maples, steep peaks have constituted the amazing views of

Mountain in all seasons.

Address: South of Shanxian, Sanmenxia.

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