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Sanmenxia Dam Scenic Area
Name:Sanmenxia Dam Scenic Area
Tel:14 km northeast of Sammenxia City Tel:0086-400-666-0166 Skype:karenzheng2004

Located to the northeast of

14km away from the city, the place is a state tourist area of Grade AAA. The dam, standing upon what is called “Golden Delta of the West of Henan”, is the first large water conservancy project along the
Yellow River.

The project began on April 13th, 1957 and was completed in October, 1960. The primary structure is a concrete gravity dam, with a total length of
713.2m and the maximum height of
106m. The secondary dam is an embankment dam with a reinforced concrete core, which is
144m long and has the maximum height of
24m.The power station, a low-head stream-flow hydroelectric plant, is located to the rear of the dam. It is
223.88m long and
26.2m wide. 8 generator sets can be installed and the present 7 sets have a power output of 400,000 kilowatts. Sanmenxia Dam, the largest ever dam project in

China, had attracted global attention. Renovations have been made to the project so that the deposit has been reduced and a balance was achieved of silt coming in and out of the reservoir. The project has realized many functions such as flood control, ice prevention, irrigation, power generation, and water supply. 91.5% of the drainage area of the
Yellow River is now under its control. In one generation alone, one of the functions of the project had paid back all the investment by


Thanks to the dam, from October to next June when the reservoirs begin to store water, the
Yellow River water passing here shapes a beautiful lake. Covering an area of
200km², the lake stretches
100km long from the dam to Dayu Ferry in the

Province. From June to October every year when the flood discharge is done, raging waves and thunderous noise make a spectacular scene.

The dam, a symbol of the national character of

China, stands firmly among the terrifying waves. Other places of interests include the

Old Yellow River Plank Road,
Island, Shuzhang Terrace,
Park, Yingbin Pavilion,
Museum and the

Garden. All of these attractions, related to the dam in one way or another, have formed a group featuring the old Yellow River Culture. The contrasting views among different seasons have made it an ideal place for travel, recreation and summer escape.

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