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Nanwan Lake
Name:Nanwan Lake
Tel:Nanwan Management Zone, Xinyang, Henan Province. Tel:0086-400-666-0166 Skype:karenzheng2004

Located in Xinyang,
Lake, otherwise known as

Lake, is a famous scenic area. It enjoys the fine reputation as “a gem in the south of

Henan”. Surrounding the lake are green mountains. The wonderful blending of mountains and water brings enormous beauty to this place.

The attraction includes

Lake and Nanwan National Forest Park. Around the lake is a water area of
75m², on which are decked 61 isles. A lake trip takes tourists to the main growing area of Xinyang Maojian Tea, Heilong Pool and Bailong Pool. As the No.1 Lake in
Henan, the beautiful sceneries here have won the lake a series of honors such as the state

Forest Park, the State Scenic Spot of Flood Control, the Provincial Scenic Spot and so on. Among its main sightseeing sites and routes are the Reservoir Dam, the
Island, the

Mountain, the Aquarium, Fish Angling Terrace, the lake tour and so on.

The lake is also a place abundant with sites of historical interests. There are
Mountain and

Mountain where Li Xiannian, a revolutionary pioneer had worked. The Ruins of Liangwanglei, a royal enclosure of an emperor in Kingdom Liang in the Period of Southern and Northern Dynasties, could be dated back to over 1,400 years ago. The Xianyin Temple, an equal with other noted temples such as Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng, Baima Temple in Luoyang, Xiangguo Temple in Kaifeng, Xuanguan Temple in Nanyang, boasts of its legends of pine trees and magic objects like a bed where immortals once lay on and a rock which is as high as
3m. Having a look from the top of the
Mountain, one can see Xinyang urban area to the east and

Lake to the west. It is really a spectacular view.Lying in the transitional area between subtropical zone and warm moderate zone, the attraction has an annual average temperature of 15ºC. The maximum temperature in summer is only 29 ºC. The air quality here surpasses the first grade of national standards and therefore it is a real natural oxygen bar. The forests covers an area of 7,146.2 hectares with a stock volume of 0.49 million m³ and the forest coverage rate amounts to 96%, forming the forest plantation featuring Chinese red pines and the natural forest featuring oak trees. Seed plants here cover 116 colonies and 526 kinds, among which TCM herbs occupies 76% of medicinal plants of the country. The animal species reaches over 700, of which there are 200 kinds of vertebrate animals. The state protected plants and animals here include wild eucommia, wingceltis, macaques, giant salamanders and so on. Owing to its diverse forest resources, the place gets its name---the National Forest Park.

Water of


The water of the lake is pure and clean, and ranks as the first grade of national standards. On the upper reaches are two pools called Heilong Pool and Bailong Pool. The two pools face each other with one lake of water in the middle. Legend has it that it is the No.1 spring in the south of

Province. 61 isles are dotted in the lake and gain the name of the

Islands. Waterside entertainments include cycling, motor boating, rowing and so on.



On the island there are birds everywhere. It is well-known for the presence of tens of thousands of migrating birds. The birds chirp together with green waters and mountains have shown us a harmonious scene which would certainly arouse people’s love to nature and more thoughts to this wonderful world.



Located in the northwest of

Lake, the island is
5km away from the wharf. It stretches long from north to south and narrows from east to west. The terrain rises and falls irregularly and covers an area of 10.4 hectares.

There are colorful tourism items on the island such as wooden structure vacation area, folk dances, fishing pool, swimming pool, forest excursions, enjoying foods with local flavors and so on. Rich in local colors are performances of folk songs and dances, snake charming and dragon queen shows.

Fishes of


Thanks to its fine water, fishes in

Lake taste good and rich in microelements and therefore have high nutritional values. According to the test of Food Safety Unit of the Ministry of Agriculture, the fish here contains protein, fat, vitamins and rare elements necessary to human body. Among others, the amount of selenium, an element called the Cancer Fighter, is 3-5 times as much as that contained in fishes of other areas. Silver carps in particular are recommended not only for their fine taste, but also for the rich DHA amount contained in heads. This kind of fish has become a popular health product.

Tea of


Mountains at the upper reaches of

Lake with Heilong Pool and Bailong Pool are the authentic areas for growing and processing Xinyang Maojian Tea. A kind of green tea, Xinyang Maojian had become the royal tea since the Tang Dynasty, and was commended as No
.1 in south of Huai River by Su Dongpo, a literary giant of the Song Dynasty. In 1915, it won the golden award at Panama World Expo. Nowadays, the tea production has taken shape. There is a tea culture chain including tea growing, tea picking, tea processing, tea sale and tea ceremony performance.

With all its abundant resources, Nanwan Lake Scenic Spot will surely make a memorable stay for you.

Address: Nanwan Management Zone,

Henan Province.

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