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The Birthplace of General Xu Shiyou
Name:The Birthplace of General Xu Shiyou
Tel:Xujiawa, Xinxian County, Henan Province Tel:0086-400-666-0166 Skype:karenzheng2004

The attraction lies in

County, the birth and burying place of Xu Shiyou, a legendary general, who is admired for his outstanding achievements, strong personality and devotion to his country as well as his mother. People from all walks of life often come to pay a visit. Nowadays the place has become a famous educational base of patriotism and revolutionary traditions.

In recent years, additions and renovations have been made to the sights such as General’s Residence, the

Memorial Square, Combatant Skills Training Ground, farmers’ residences and so on.

The general is the first and the only state leader who was allowed to be buried without being cremated since the adoption of incineration in the country. Spending most of his life in the battle filed, he took it a great pity not fulfilling his filial duties. To realize his wish of devoting to the country while alive and serving parents after life, he asked to be buried near his parents’ tomb.

The general had a collection of 10,295 Chairman Mao badges, which shows the unusual relations between the leader and the general. Not only do these badges reflect the general’s loyalty to the country, but also the important period and therefore they have enormous values as relics and works of art.

As what is called the Red Tourism booms in the country, the attraction has gained more and more popularity. The general’s charisma has been affecting one generation after another.

The General’s Residence is located in the back of the village. There are five rooms built of earth and wood structure. The area of each room is around
20m². The residence lied beside the mountain. On its gate hangs a tablet reading “the Former Residence of General Xu Shiyou”.

Entering the gate, one sees the main room of the house. On each side are placed flower rings sent by people from all walks of life among whom are generals like Li Desheng, Wan Haifeng, senior officials like Zhi Shuping, Chen Quanguo. On the wall hang the pictures of the general in different periods, which witnessed multi-facet life of the general. Along the northern wall there is a door in the west corner. Through the door, there is a coffin, which was arranged by Xu Guang, the eldest son of general. On October 22, exactly 6 years from the day when the general wrote to his son about it, he passed away. Now the coffin has been left in the residence for people to pay respects. The room to the east is where the general once lived. In 1958, general, then commander of Nanjing Military Region, returned to his hometown on home leave. He declined the offer to live in the hotel and lived in this room to accompany his mother.

Standing on the same position as it did are the wooden bed and armchair that the general had used. Downstairs are the two rooms at the bottom. In the west room is placed a stone mill used by the general in farm work. On the wall is an opening with the size of an adult. It is said that once the general went home to visit his mother. There was a leak of information that he ended up to be hunted by over 100 local militiamen. The danger was so pressing that the general broke an opening with bare hands and then made a narrow escape.

This is a place where general left his footprints. A simple tour will enable you to feel the general’s loyalty and devotion to the country as well as to his mother, to realize the determination of the local people to overthrow the dark world and also to have an in-depth understanding of the local folkways as well as the beautiful land.

Address: Xujiawa, Xinxian County, Henan Province.

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