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Lingshan Mountain Resort
Name:Lingshan Mountain Resort
Tel:South of Luoshan County, Henan Province Tel:0086-400-666-0166 Skype:karenzheng2004

Located in the southwest of
County in
Province, the Lingshan Mountain Resort borders

County and Dawu County of Hubei Province.

To the east stands the
Mountain and to the West the

Mountain. There are 6 scenic areas, including

Cave, Jinding, etc. The attraction covers an area of
40km away to the west is Jing-Guang Railway and

No.107 State Highway. Jing-Jiu Railway is
50km away to the east. There is only a distance of
500m to

Xinye Highway. At the foot of

Mountain extends Jing-Zhu Expressway. Four highways converge at this point.



has eight peaks. The way the mountain stretches and its general terrains look very similar to
Mountain in

India where Sakyamuni became a Buddha. According to historical records, every time people prayed on the mountain, their requests would be granted. The pilgrims visited here and became somewhat elevated, thus it was on the lips that there was a magical power of the mountain.

The mountain came into being in the Cretaceous Period of Mesozoic Era, around 150 to 70 million years ago. The mountain base is mainly granite. The annual temperature averages 13ºC to 15ºC. In summers, diurnal temperature variation of the mountain stands at 7ºC and nocturnal temperature variation 15ºC. The mountain abounds in natural resources. Among its more than 1,000 kinds of plants, Lingshan Cloud Fog Tea is processed from Xinyang Maojian Tea, one of the best teas in

China. Then, Chestnuts and Chinese gooseberries are highly nutritious and therefore have great economic values. Next, Herbs such as Eucommia barks, balloon flowers and Chinese Paris Rhizome are rarely seen around the world. As for animal species, there are 1067 kinds of 190 colonies. Birds alone amount to 169 kinds.

All over the mountain are rocks of different shapes, steep cliffs, secluded glens, rivers and waterfalls, which have made the place simply a natural wonder. Roughly estimated, there are 36 waterfalls, 72 caves and 108 sites featuring different rocks and cliffs. Famous sights include

Lake, etc.

A strategically important place with peculiar natural views,

Mountain is also a place of historic interest. In ancient times,

Pass, southeast of the mountain is one of the top 9 passes of the country. At the foot of the eastern foot lies the noted Chuyu Pathway, a place contended by military strategists in ancient times where one could find bandits and victims who sought refuge here.

A famous Buddha shrine,

Mountain once had 13 temples. Only 2 of them are preserved.
Temple, one of the earliest temples built in

China, boasts its 2,000 years history. In the reign of Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty, it was honored as the

Temple. Zhu Yuanzhang, the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty, had paid homage to the place and conferred Chen Dayong, then abbot the title of Master Jin Bi. The emperor left his handwriting on the stele of the temple. Presently there are seven halls in the temple and more than 30 monks. On the first day of March in lunar calendar, tourists as well as the pilgrims will flock to attend the temple fair.

The colorful culture arises from beautiful mountain sights, as every attraction has its own story. The legends and scenery blend with each other, giving more charm to this wonderful land. There is something special about this mountain. Legend has it that there is a magical aura around the mountain that it satisfies every request that has been made. Thus, it has gained many believers and it is not rare that people have come thousands of miles to seek luck.

With its rich tourist resources

Mountain has attracted a total of 300,000 tourists every year. In June, 2004, it ranked as the provincial scenic and historic interest area.

Address: South of

Luoshan County,
Henan Province.

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