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The Museum of Six-horse Royal Cart
Name:The Museum of Six-horse Royal Cart
Tel:Wangcheng Square, Luoyang City Tel:0086-400-666-0166 Skype:karenzheng2004

Owing to social upheaval and conflicts in 770 B.C, Emperor Ping of Western Zhou Dynasty was forced to leave the fertile plain of the present
Shaanxi province, where his forefathers prospered, for

Luoyang, starting the Eastern Zhou era in Chinese history. This period of 515 years was reigned consequently by 25 emperors who witnessed the rise and fall of kingship as well as the nobleness over subject states. The rise of Qin state ultimately led to the downfall of Eastern Zhou Dynasty together with its grand palaces.

, as the capital of 13 dynasties, becomes a symbol of the long-perished Eastern Zhou Dynasty, but many real relics remained unknown. At the threshold of 21st century, the unearthing of six-horse royal cart in Zhou Dynasty aroused the curiosity of public to explore the ancient capital relics, the royal mausoleums, jade products, etc.

Located at Wangcheng Square in the center of Luoyang city, northeastern part of the ancient city ruins, the Museum of Six-horse Royal Cart was built on the original site to protect and exhibit the ruins of the six-horse royal cart.

The whole museum is divided into two exhibition zones, with an area of more than 1700 square meters. Inside the gate is 1st zone which includes four parts: the map of 5 ancient capital cities in
Luoyang area and the present

Luoyang, an overlook of the ancient capital of Eastern Zhou, the exploration and findings of the royal mausoleum and precious ancient relics.

In the 2nd zone are exhibited the amazing pit containing the remains of ancient carts and horses, which were excavated from 2002 to 2003. Here two of the 17 pits are excavated. The northern one, rarely discovered in

China with a length of
42.6m and width of
7.4m, shows the horses lined in two rows just like they were preparing for a battle. What is more amazing is the discovery of a six-horse royal cart—special for emperors, the only one around

China, which proves the recording of ancient literature.

Now the Museum of Six-horse Royal Cart serves as a window to display the ancient culture of

Luoyang to the rest of the world.

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