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Yunhua Scenic Spot of Bats Cave
Name:Yunhua Scenic Spot of Bats Cave
Tel:Chishuigou, Wuliqiao Township, Xixia County Tel:0086-400-666-0166 Skype:karenzheng2004

Located at Chishuigou,

6km from the county seat and
2km from

No.312 National Highway, it is a scenic spot for sightseeing, in-cave adventures and summer escape. It has been listed as a key nature reserve.

The cave has typical Karst terrain features. Owing to many cloud-like patterns on the walls and the presence of many bats, it is named

Cave. Inside the cave are underground passages, underground rivers, stalactites and so on. There are many zigzags in the cave and it sometimes leads to a part as high as over
60m, while other times only low enough for a man to get through by bending his body. Sometimes it is as wide as
80m, while other times it is only
1m in width. Many minor caves connect each other, making an impressive network. The stalactites in the cave take on different shapes, which give people a lot of associations. The rock formations, through flexural folding and water erosion, have shaped many natural frescos, which makes one feel like entering an art gallery.

In the cave live seven kinds of nearly 100,000 bats, among which some are rare species in the world. During the daytime, they rest by hanging themselves back downward. When surprised, they turn their heads, shake their ears and make sounds. When they go out in search of food, it takes hours and makes a spectacular view. Before the dawn, they hover at the cave entrance for a while and rush into the cave, making an even more wonderful scene. The rivers in the cave flow non-stop and many pools and lakes are formed. When the underground river flows, one can only hear the sound without seeing the river, which undoubtedly lends a note of mystery to the place.

Address: Chishuigou,


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