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The Huaiyuan resort of Tongbai Mountains
Name:The Huaiyuan resort of Tongbai Mountains
Tel:56, Huaiyuan Avenue, Tongbai County Tel:0086-400-666-0166 Skype:karenzheng2004

Located in the middle part of
Mountain, bordering on southern
Henan and northern
Hubei and
3km away from
County seat, the Huaiyuan resort is where the 500 kilometer long

River originates. Covering an area of
108km², a mountainous scenic and historic area on provincial level, it has integrated various functions as sightseeing, scientific study, vacation, summer escape and education of revolutionary traditions.

The place boasts  its unique and rich tourism resources such as steep peaks, deep woods, and numerous waterfalls, which has earned itself a credit as “higher and steeper than
Mountain and prettier than

Mountain.” Abundant in natural landscapes and historic attractions, it is profoundly endowed with varied cultures which include Huaiyuan Culture, the main part, and other cultures such as Buddhism, Taoism and so on. Generally, there are four divisions of Huaiyuan,

Cave and Shuilian cave, and 108 sights including 8 ancient attractions. The beautiful scenery has attracted many celebrities and men of letters, and many of them left great poems and other form of art to show their admirations.

Located in the transitional zone from subtropical to warm temperate zone, the place has a warm and humid climate with distinctive seasons. The species encompasses those from south to north, including some animals and plants under special protection by the State like leopards, golden eagles, pangolins, giant salamanders, gingko, etc. The virgin forests cover an area of nearly 70 hectares with the vegetation coverage amounting to 95%. The functional transitional ecological system and natural environment gained the place fine reputations as a gene tank, a natural museum and a natural

forest park.




River is one of the four rivers in ancient

China. In 221 BC, Emperor Qinshihuang ordered to build

Temple. In the following dynasties, emperors repeatedly raised the position of the god of the

River and the temple for sacrifices had been accordingly built with increasing magnificence. Emperors of following dynasties had paid many visits or dispatched envoys to hold the sacrificing ceremony. As a result, many steles were erected here with inscriptions written by emperors such as Emperor Kangxi, Emperor Yongzheng and so on. At the end of the
River there stands

Temple. In 1695, the magistrate of

County ordered to erect a stele in Huaijing Pavilion. Nowadays it has become a tourist destination to explore the source of

River and its ancient culture.




Peak, the main peak of
Mountain and the source of

River, is a provincial nature reserve. With an altitude of

Temple stands right on the peak of the mountain. The temple, the birthplace of Baiyun Sect of Linji School of Buddhism in
Mountain, enjoys the same fame as
Temple in

Province. Today monks from
Mountain have spread over the world as Master Ru Xiu in U.S, Master Miao Zhi in
Myanmar, Master Chang Huai in
Hong Kong and so on. There are dozens of sights in the neighborhood like

Cave, Huai Wells and so on. Every year, pilgrims and tourists flock to the place.

Scenic Spot of Shuilian (water curtain) Cave

3km from the county seat, it is beset in mountains. The

River runs down the cliff over
60m high and forms a water curtain. There is a cave on the cliff which is spacious enough to hold hundreds of people. Hidden by the water curtain, it hence got the name Shuilian (literally water curtain) Cave. Owing to its fine water quality, the place is reputed as the

Land and Haven by Taoism. Shui Lian Gua Xu, one of the eight sights in Tongbai, is a fine summer resort for rest and relaxation. Shuilian temple, next to the cave, could be dated back to 1,000 years. In the temple there is a jade Buddha statue donated by the believers in

Myanmar, which stands
1.5m high and weighs 1.8 ton. It is a national treasure for its fine craftsmanship.

Taohua (Peach Blossom) Cave

In a valley of

Mountain there is a cluster of stone caves where grow the peach trees all over the place. Legend has it that it is the place where Sun Bin, an intelligent strategist, studied and lived. Every time when the peach blossoms are in full bloom, the place has become so attractive that it is one of the eight sights in

Mountain. In addition, there is 70 hectares of virgin forests and it is definitely a good place for scientific research and summer escape.

The Huaiyuan resort of

Mountain enjoys great advantages in its location and transportation. No.312

National Highway runs through the area. After several years of development, the attraction has all the service facilities available and therefore it is a hot tourist destination.

Address: 56,

Huaiyuan Avenue,

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