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Longyuwan National Forest Park
Name:Longyuwan National Forest Park
Tel:Miaozi Township, Luochuan County, Luoyang City Tel:0086-400-666-0166 Skype:karenzheng2004

Longyuwan National Forest Park lying on the major peak of the Funiu Mountain is famous for its rich resources, elegant environment and pretty peaks. Located in a transition belt from the semi-tropical zone to the warm temperate zone, the Longyuwan National Park, laurelled as the “Kingdom of Wild animals”, has more than 1,900 kinds of plants, 42 of which are under the protection of the national class; and more than 400 kinds of wild animals and insects, 48 of which are under high national protection. In addition to more than 20 categories of rare mountain dainties and 50 sorts of wild fruits, Longyuawn is also a treasury of Chinese medical herbs in central China. Many of them are under national protection.

Competing Peaks

Funiu Mountain has many high peaks, such as the Jijiaojian Peak (cockscomb peak) in the shape of a horned rooster head with an altitude of 2,212.5 meters, Longmao Peak, 1,507 meters tall, like a winding dragon with a hat on head, the steep peaks of Hongshiqiang and Heshibi seeming to have been chopped out neatly by a mighty axe, the high rising Yuzhu Peak and Yinzhuyan Peak like sharp daggers thrusting into the clouds. In addition, the isolated Front Gushan Hill and the Back Gushan peak rise abruptly out of the ground, like an uprising hairpin, Jiangjunyan Peak, literally a general peak, leaning against his horse in full armor who is ready to go for a battle at the order. Peaks like the Qinglongbei, the Qijianding, the Pingtou Cliff and many other namely ones are also cliffy and abrupt, with clouds coiling around.

Narrow valleys and odd stones

There are more than 20 deep valleys hiding quietly in Longyuwan including the Hongdong Valley, the Heilong Valley, the Qingshi Valley etc. Looking up into the misty sky, visitors will find themselves lost in a sea of clouds. Looking down into the bottoms of the valleys, they will be shocked at sight of the narrowness and the depth of the valley. Odd stones scattered along the gullies at the bottom of the valleys compose a natural museum of carvings, where inartificial statues of vivid people and animals in thousands of postures are standing. For example, the “Fishing Platform”, a natural flat protruding table-like stone in the middle of a river, is ideal for tourists to have a rest, appreciate the waterfall on the opposite, play chess or whiff. Just one meter away from the river, there stands a natural stone tower with clear layers and a stone bird on the top. The bird is stretching its neck towards the water, totally lost in watching swimming fish and shrimps in the river. It is so vivid a scene that the tower is named Luanniao Guan Yu which literally means the “a bird is watching fish”. At the far end of the pine forest, along the path layered with falling leaves near the entrance of the mountain, there sits a stone Buddha in mediation, with closed eyes and erect palms put together,
which is called “the Buddha Sitting in Mediation”.

Flying waterfalls and deep ponds

The torrential Hongluo River of the Longyuwan running among mountains through gullies created lots of waterfalls and ponds. The famous Baima Pond (White Horse Pond) covering 50 square meters in shape of a bow is where the white horse became immortal, as the legend goes. With a waterfall hanging above and green dimples coiling around on the surface, it’s beautiful and deep. The Heilong Pond (Black Dragon Pond), rushing down the mountain in three flights of spraying crystal beads, giving birth to three emerald green ponds of whirling water on each floor. While the Yueya Pond (Crescent Pond) looks like a new moon floating in silver pearls, the Xingguang Pond (Starlight Pond) is like night sky with thousands of glittering stars. Besides the three ponds (the sun, moon and star) connecting each others, there are also other beautiful ponds like the Zhenzhu Pond and the Qinglong Pond which are beset among the valleys like green pearls. Most of the ponds have waterfalls hanging above them. The Baima Waterfall (White Horse Waterfall) with a flight of more than 30 meters rushes downward like a running white horse. Others such as the Heilongtan Tri-waterfalls, the Gushan Waterfall and the Baishuizhuang Waterfall, flush down vigorously with rolling waves and white spraying beads, like the Milky-Way falling from the heaven, forming a splendid view accompanied by a roaring sound of flying water.

Steep Peaks & Stone Stockaded Village

This scenic spot has other two names based on similar sound on its origin. One of them is “Leida Peak (Lightening-struck Peak)”; the other is Leita Peak (Squished Peak)”. While the first name is self-evident, the second name came from the legend that this mountain was squished by a passing god riding a buffalo. For its physiognomy much in favor of defense, many rich and powerful families set up their mansions here with armored guards to protect themselves from the harassment of gangsters.


Longyuwan, originally meant the “swimming pool of dragon”, was an ancient bathing place of dragons in folk stories. Scratches of their “claws” can still be found today, as they climbed out of the pool by grabbing the stones at the bank.

Add: Miaozi Township, Luochuan County, Luoyang City

Tel: 0379-66669112

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