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Laojie Hill of Xixia County
Name:Laojie Hill of Xixia County
Tel:The northern part of the Xixia County, Nanyang Tel:0086-400-666-0166 Skype:karenzheng2004

The Laojie Hill Natural Reserve lies in the north of the Xixia County on the upper section of the southern slope of the Funiu Mountains, connecting the Baotianman Natural Reserve of the Neixiang County in the east with the Luanchuan County and Songxian County of Luoyang in the neighborhood. Founded in 1982 as the largest provincial natural reserve in Nanyang, it was upgraded into one of the national class, the west part belonging to Yanzhen Forestry Centre, the east part belonging to the Huangshi’an Forestry Centre. It is 23 kilometers from west to east and 16.7 kilometers from north to south,
covering 15,300 hectares of which 10,000 hectares in Yanzhen and 5300 hectares in Huangshi’an.

75 kilometers away from the County seat, Laojie Hill Ecotourism Area enjoys a superior transportation with National Highways 311 and 322 going across. It is an ideal land for mountain-climbing and summer-cooling as well as holidays and scientific research, with its total tour area of 12,000 hectares covering 9 scenic areas and over 260 scenic spots.

The dark green sea of dense forests waving into the horizon on undulate mountains, Laojie Hill has distinct beauty in different seasons. The spring here is a competing world of booming flowers and trees. In summer, waterfalls roar as springs running in the green forest. Adrift red leaves everywhere “set fire” on all the mountains in the autumn and the Laojie Hill in winter is a crystal palace of jade trees covered in snow. It is no wonder that people call it “a dream land” for recreation and holidays. The Jijiaojian (Horn-tip) Peak, the top peak of the Funiu Mountains 400 kilometers long, overlooks all the others with an altitude of 2,212.5 meters. With 15 peaks of altitude above 1,800 meters such as the beautiful Maid Peak, grandiose waterfall clusters, huge odd stones, isolated virgin forests, the Loajie Hill Natural Reserve is really an amazing land of natural wonders.

What’s more, Laojie Hill is one of the richest biologic gene banks of China with its vast vegetation of a great variety from unusual flowers, rare grass to age-old trees thrusting into the sky. Found in this area are 2,879 kinds of plants and more than 400 rare animals besides over 1,200 Chinese medicine herbs. Ginkgos, Indian azaleas of a thousand years old and the “national treasure” of katsura trees can be found here and there. The climate here is mild and pleasant, the annual average temperature being around 12.5℃. With the “fresh breeze touching like the green water and gentle rain cooling the summer” as described in poetic sentences, it is completely worthy of “a top summer resort” in central China.

It is the nature that has sculptured the landscapes of unusual beauty in the Laojie Hill. Come to enjoy the sunrise on a sea of white cloud on the Jijiaojian Peak, the roof of the central China, to appreciate the Indian azalea Park of a dozen centuries, to wander through the virgin forest, and you'll enjoy yourself in this quiet, peaceful dream garden.

Address: The northern part of the Xixia County, Nanyang

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