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Zhenwuding Peak Resort
Name:Zhenwuding Peak Resort
Tel:Cuizhang Township and Mashiping Township of Nanzhao County, Nanyang Tel:0086-400-666-0166 Skype:karenzheng2004

Located in the
County of the
Province at the south foot of the
Mountains and the north border of the

Basin, the Zhenwuding Peak Resort, composed of the Zhenwuding Scenic Area and the Baichi Pond Scenic Area, is a part of the Zhenwuding section of the World Geologic Park of Funiu Mountains. It is 28 kilometers away from the
County seat, 250 kilometers from

Zhengzhou and 99 kilometers from Nanyang. The Resort is an ideal tour land of both water spectacles like waterfalls, ponds and others like valleys, mountains, forests and flowers, with its distinct characters of Taoism culture.

Covering 100 square kilometers in the central part of the

Mountains, Zhenwuding Peak Resort will be developed into a world class scenic area as shown by the national layout. It has an integrated landscape of majestic air and elegance including steep peaks, odd stones, high cliffs, secluded valleys, towering forts, flying waterfalls, deep ponds, booming flowers, virgin forests, unusual birds, rare animals in addition to human landscapes.

The transitional climate from subtropical to temperate zone here has blessed this area with rich biological resources including intact natural ecosystems, virgin forests extending to the horizon and a large amount of plants and animals considered as “living fossils”. Elementary surveys show that there are more than 2,900 kinds of plants and their mutations including 1,055 kinds of medicine herbs in addition to 264 kinds of wild animals living here, among which 29 kinds of plants and 21 kinds of animals are specially protected by the nation.

This is an area with forest coverage of over 98%, an annual precipitation of
1200 mm and an average temperature of

with the top temperature below

in summer. What's more, it has distinct four seasons with booming flowers in springs, luxuriantly green trees in cool summers, colorful leaves in autumns and c

rystal winters in silver. With superior beauty and fun, Zhenwuding Peak Resort is really a blessed gift from the nature.

The beauty of the water in the Resort is represented by the spectacles of waterfalls and ponds newly discovered in the Baichi Scenic Area. As the saying goes, “the water nourishes the beauty of the mountain while the mountain decorates the charm of the water”. The Resort is a perfect combination of the elegance of southern

China and the majesty of the north. Comparing with neighboring scenic areas, the Resort enjoys more tour resources and a bigger variety of tour products to be developed, manifesting advantages.

The Baichi Scenic Area of Waterfalls and Ponds, the masterpiece of the Resort, impresses tourists with fresh natural enjoyment. This Area is a spectacle of waters, as dozens of ponds and waterfalls embrace each other closely along gorges arms in arms in an area of 2 square kilometers, which is an unmatched wonder in the whole nation.

Peak with an altitude of 2,102 meters is the second highest peak of the

Mountains. The steep peak of crags thrusting into the sky,

Peak has a splendid view with huge fancy stones and hills. The major peak represented by the
Peak and the Toad Stone has an absolute altitude even higher than famous mountains such as the Five Saint Mountains including
Tai, the
Mountain, the
Mountain, the
Mountain, the
Mountain, the
Mountain, the

Mountain, etc. By standing on the peak, it is such an enjoyment to stretch your sight into the endless horizon of the sky with the sun rising on a misty sea of dawn clouds or rosy dusk, or to overlook mountains after mountains undulating below within hundreds of kilometers. With majestic cliffs and vivid peaks resembling animals, towers or waterfalls, the Resort is a substantial museum of natural art.

The beautiful landscape here is also a cradle for fancy stories. This area is said to be the place where God Zhenwu cultivated himself. The

Palace, the said lecture hall of the Goddess, is embraced by stone walls in floating mist on the top of a lonely steep peak, emitting an air of mystery. The virgin forest of pines, maples and hundreds of areas of bamboo is dotted with colorful booming flowers including florid Indian azalea of thousands of acres, making a splendid view. Here is the home of eagles, leopards, giant salamanders, wild hogs, roes and other rare birds and animals as well as the rich field of valuable Chinese herb medicines including those well-known “Three Treasures of the


The steep peaks, fancy stones, brisk waters, exuberant forests, florid flowers and casual clouds of the Resort has given birth to a wonderful land of beauty, leisure and fun for tour, recreation, exploration and scientific research as well as a rising new star of unique elegance and charm in the central China tourism.

Township and
Township of

County, Nanyang.

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