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Fodushan Scenic Area
Name:Fodushan Scenic Area
Tel:Shangtang, Lushan County, Pingdingshan City Tel:0086-400-666-0166 Skype:karenzheng2004

Located in Lushan County, and close to No. 311 National Freeway, the Fodushan Scenic Area lies to the east of the Shiren Mountain Scenic Area, the west of the Water Park of Zhaoping Lake and to the north of Midong Villa. Covering an area of about 780 hectares, the Fodushan Scenic Area possesses numerous green hills and clean waters. Besides, the statue of Vairocana Buddha with a height of 152 meters grandly stands in the scenic spot.

The majestic

Temple is built against the mountain. In the temple, the bronze Bell of Good Luck is 116 tons in weight, with exquisite workmanship and ingenious design. The resonance of the

Bell can be heard several kilometers away.

Other scenic spots include

hot springs and waterfalls which add to the ancient land with mysteries and elegance.


The magnificent
Temple, which is built at the foot of the mountain, represents the basic construction pattern of temples for thousands of years in

China. Stepping into temple through the gate, we can in turn see the Tianwang ( the King of Heaven) Palace, the Main Hall of the Buddha, the Golden Statue of Vairocana Buddha. The

Temple complex is built according to the physical features of the mountain with front buildings lower and the back ones taller. You can clearly see each layer of the constructions on the top of the mountain and get marveled at the distinct structure.


Bell of Good Luck

Tower is built on the top of the
Peak, which is at the north bank of the

River. As the “
Mecca” to the Buddhists in
China, the

Temple was once the place where Buddhism was popular. In the Tang Dynasty, the

Temple was the home to many monks and was quite prosperous at that time.


Bell was made to cater for people’s wish of casting bell during prosperous times. It weighs 116 tons with a height of 8.108 meters. The maximum diameter is 5.118 meters. Carrying with itself rich cultural connotations, the Bell of Good Luck has not only inherited the national tradition, but also manifested the characteristics of the new age. At the middle of the
Bell, it is carved with 56 ornamental designs showing good wishes, symbolizing harmony, unity and co-prosperity of the 56 nationalities in

China. At the lower part, it is carved with the rivers, mountains, clouds and the sun, symbolizing the majestic and beautiful scenery of

China. The Bell of Good Luck, the heaviest and the biggest bronze striking bell in the world, is characterized by lasting resonance and shocking power. On June 19, it was successfully accepted into the Guinness Book of World Records and obtained the certificate.

The Golden Buddha

The altars for worshipping Buddha are the best places for watching the golden Buddha. In the east, it is “the Altar of Luck and Wisdom”, where you can pray to the Buddha and can be blessed to be lucky and wise. In the west, it is “the Altar of Health and Longevity”, where you can pray for your health and long life. In the middle, you can pray for smooth sailing in everything. The original architectural design fully manifests the cultural atmosphere of the holy land of Buddhism.

The Golden Buddha statue faces
River with its back against the

Mountain. The overall height of the Golden Buddha statue is 153 meters including the Lotus flower base with a height of 45 meters. The statue looks amiable and solemn and deserves the title of No. 1 Buddha under the heaven.

Address: Shangtang,



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