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The Zhongyuan Green Park
Name:The Zhongyuan Green Park
Tel:Tel:0086-400-666-0166 Skype:karenzheng2004

Built in March of 1999 and completed in July of 2000, it is a comprehensive

forest park oriented for ecological protection, amusement and vacation. As the largest tourist attraction, the Park, which has become a shining sight in Puyang, is characterized by freshness and rural pleasure.

The Park highlights the greenness by planting more than 400,000 flowers and plants, a grass lawn of
30,000m², and a water area of
50,000m². In the style of landscape gardening, over a dozen botanical gardens were built, such as the 100-Fruit Orchard, the 100-Flower Garden, the Metasequoia and Ginko Garden, the Plum Garden, the Bamboo Garden, the Yulan Garden, and the lilac Garden.

To enrich the amusements in the park and enliven the customers, the acrobatic performances are held daily. The stimulation and excitement involved in the show as well as the beast-taming stunts in the zoo have always brought the audience on their feet.

There is picturesque scenery everywhere in the park. In spring, it features fragrant grass and flowers in full bloom; in summer, there is a splendid view of verdant trees and crystal water; in fall, the hill is fiery with maple leaves and ripe fruits seeming to bring the branches down; snow covered pine trees are really amazing in winter. People take it a great pleasure to have a walk in the snow.

Devoted to establishing a natural, fresh, simple and pastoral view, the Park blends nature perfectly with people. Lawns, lakes, waterfalls, streams have formed an interesting contrast with the architectures. Many scenic spots have been built such as “Fun in the
Forest”, “100-Fruit Orchard”, “100-Flower Garden” and so on. The amusements programs are available, such as the zoo, the fishing place, riders’ park, children’s playground, acrobatic shows, waterside pleasures and so on. All of these have totally brought out the park’s theme of harmonious coexistence between man and nature as well as the profound Zhongyuan (central plains) Culture.

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