Chinese Surnames Festival
Date:[2007-1-25 14:37:54]

Time: Every other October

Location: Huaiyang County of Zhoukou

More than 6,500 years ago, Fuxi, the Great Ancestor of Chinese, led his people from Gansu Province all the way to Huaiyang of Henan Province where he settled down and created surnames, standardized the marriage, formulated regulations, bred the livestock, encouraged cooking and developed weapons. By doing so, he initiated agriculture and besides, the Chinese civilization of the remote antiquity. As the birthplace of the first Chinese surname, Huaiyang County of Zhoukou in Henan Province is now labeled as the “Former Capital of Emperor Fuxi”.

With surnames and root-seeking as the theme, the Chinese Surnames Festival, an embodiment of the opening-up policy of the County, welcomes Chinese descendants all over the world to come to seek their roots and worship their common ancestor, attempting to enhance the national solidarity, develop the culture of Fuxi and promote local tourism. The festival is composed of activities involving grand public ceremony to worship Fuxi – the Great Ancestor, the exhibition of Chinese surnames and family trees, artistic performances on root-seeking, the world-wide association activities of Chen Families and others.
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