Ancestors worshipping Ceremony held in Xinzheng– the native place of Yellow Emperor
Date:[2007-1-25 14:33:48]

Time: March 3rd in the lunar calendar

Location: Xinzheng of Zhengzhou

Yellow Emperor, or Huangdi, is considered the great ancestor who had cultivated the root of Chinese nation. Xinzheng City, or the native place of Kingdom Zheng and Kingdom Han, is the very place where Yellow Emperor accomplished his great achievement and established the capital as well as being his birthplace. From the Spring and Autumn Period (770 B.C. – 476 B.C.) till now, people hold great ceremonies to worship Emperor Yellow on March 3rd in the lunar calendar, the day when Emperor Yellow united the nation and became the emperor according to folklores. On the day, visitors can enjoy performances of Central China culture including that of the Shaolin Temple and others. What’s more, the grand ceremony offers a broad stage for activities such as artistic exhibitions, trade fairs, tourism promotions, donations and so on.

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