Birthday Celebrating Ceremony of Bigan
Date:[2007-1-25 14:39:41]

Time: May 24th

Location: Weihui City of Xinxiang

Bigan, the prime minister of the Shang Dynasty (17th Century B.C. – 11th Century B.C.) as well as the ancestor of families surnamed Lin, was widely respected as a faithful minister who had admonished the unscrupulous Emperor Zhou of the late Shang Dynasty at the expense of his own life. For his frankness in criticizing the Emperor, he was killed cruelly with his heart taken out. Weihui is the place where he was buried and where people later established a temple to show their respect to him. Covering 440,000 square meters, the Temple of Bigan is a majestic building where Lin families from all over the world come to celebrate the birthday of their ancestor every year on May 24th.

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