Two-Emperor Worshipping Ceremony of Neihuang County
Date:[2007-1-25 14:40:47]

Time: March 18th in the lunar calendar (For this year: April 15th)

Location: Neihuang County of Anyang City

Zhuanxu and Diku, as the followers of Emperor Yandi and Huangdi and the forefathers of Emperor Yao and Shun, are two of the five far ancient Chinese Emperors who have been greatly admired as initiators of Chinese civilization for their great achievements in regulating the society, carrying out the religious reform and establishing the moral and ethic standards. In Neihuang County, the Tombs of Emperor Zhuanxu and Diku have witnessed frequent worshipping ceremonies of all dynasties since its establishment in the Tang Dynasty (618-907 A.D.). March 18th in the lunar calendar, the said birthday of Emperor Zhuanxu, has become a date of grand celebration attracting totally a million visitors including overseas Chinese from other countries and regions such as Korea, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao since the first ancestral worshipping ceremony held in 2002 by the Municipal Government of Anyang and the County Government of Neihuang. As the number of overseas visitors growing year after year, the Tombs of Two Emperors (Emperor Zhaungxu and Diku) is now a shrine where Chinese people come to seek their roots and worship their ancestors.

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