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the trio-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty
Tang Sancai, the trio-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty, has three basic colors, yellow, brown and green, thus being called Sancai, which means “three colors” in Chinese. Colorful as it is, the three basic colors of red, green and white are distinct. So Sancai refer to the natural color of the pottery. ...
Nanyang Jade Carving
The Dushan Mountain, eight kilometers to the north of the Nanyang City, is abundant with fine jades. Besides topping the other three kinds of famous jades in China in output, Dushan jade has a wide range of colors covering more than 30 categories including red, orange, yellow, green, green-blue, blue, purple and ot...
Ruyang Plum Blossom Jade
Meihuayu (the Plum Blossom Jade) gets its name for the colorful patterns like plum blossoms. It is also named Ruyu (the Jade of Ruyang) since it was found in the Shangdian Town of Ruyang County, Henan Province, where the Yangshao Cultural Heritages lie. As recorded, Liu Xiu, the Guangwu Emperor of the Han Dynas...
New Year pictures of Zhuxian Town
Zhuxianzhen Nianhua, the New Year pictures of Zhuanxian Town, originated in the Tang Dynasty and flourished in Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. It is said that the town of Zhuxianzhen in Kaifeng is the cradle of Chinese xylograph. The lines being bold and exaggerated in a romantic way, the structure integrated, Zhuxi...
Nanyang Pyrograph
Taking the wood of euonymus microcarpus as raw material, pyrograph is the traditional handicraft of Nanyang, Henan Province. Nanyang Pyrograph originated during the Emperor Guangxu Period of late Qing Dynasty involving pyrogragh of chopsticks, rulers, duster handles, later the large landscape pictures, human im...
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